Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ryan Augustin - Final Blog 7/30/2011

Today I am experiencing a very bittersweet feeling. As great as it is to be home again, it also saddens me to wake up from a very amazing dream that I actually lived through. My trip to Nepal provided me with great perseverance, strength (spiritual and physical), and encouragement—each succeeding day amazed me with ever increasing inspiration. Through risky traveling conditions, physical ailments, and weather disturbances, there was absolutely no denying the hand of the Lord in our successful trip. I pray that God will especially watch out for the children that we taught, and that the Holy Spirit will strengthen the hearts of all those who have heard the Good News.

Although hundreds of children were taught in various churches, visiting the Hindu and Buddhist temples throughout Nepal really gives you an idea of what needs to be done. The sadness and despair within these religions is so self-evident that even the tiniest sparks of the Gospel can provide hope and life-saving opportunities to the Nepali people.

I especially want to thank our Nepali hosts—Raju and Rajan—for their extreme humility and hard-work from the past few weeks, the HCLCN pastors who continue to learn about God’s mission work, all the Nepali children who were taught about their Savior and teach us many things as well, Berea Lutheran Church for incredible support, and most importantly our God whose powerful hand is made evident to me every day. 

Whether home or abroad, the Lord’s work is always in need of your support. Prayers, services, and financial aid help spread the Living Water to all of God’s children. 

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