Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mission Helper Trip-Kathmandu

We left for Chicago on Tuesday morning, and I can hardly believe that it's already Friday. These past four days have seemed like a blur--but an amazing blur to say the least. We have been blessed with good flights and arrived in Khatmandu yesterday morning (along with all our luggage!). After applying for our visas we were immediately greeted by Pastor Raju and his brother Rajan from Eternal Life Lutheran church.

The ride from the airport to the Norwegian House (where we will be staying in Khatmandu) quickly gave us a view of the diverse culture. I was also instantly grateful for our somewhat organized transporation system in America. Constant honking gave way to about four lanes of cars and motorcycles within inches of eachother--I was amazed that we (or anyone else) managed to get to the intended destination.

Of the many other blessings encountered on this trip, we have enjoyed somewhat cooler weather with little rain so far. This was definitely a benefit as we walked along the busy streets and markets around Khatmandu yesterday--trying to absorb as much as possible.

Today (Friday) we plan on meeting with some more members of the church and prepare for our treks to the smaller villages around Nepal. We also plan on shopping for some needed rain jackets, sleeping bags, and other supplies. Being disconnected from computers and cell phones has been a welcome change, but I never know what time it is! Looking for a watch then may be something to look for today.

You can probably guess that most of us slept very good last night. I fell right to sleep around 7 PM local time and thankfully enjoyed more than a two hour nap that we were accustom to throughout our travelling. I'm not sure what time my body thinks it is, but hopefully we will adjust to local time soon.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Ryan Augustin

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