Thursday, July 14, 2011

From Chad Seybt

So here I am still in Kathmandu while the rest of the crew has gone on ahead. Yesterday, I came down with what I thought was a bad sinus infection. I had a fever of 100 and felt really bad. In discussing with Todd, I felt it best to remain back and catch up with the others should my condition improve. Boy am I glad that I did! JB ended up taking me to the hospital, and I found out that I had a throat infection as well as an upper respiratory infection. My fever jumped up and stayed around 102 for quite a while. Last night was pretty rough, as my fever stayed between the 101 and 102 marks. I brought every vitamin/supplement and drug for stomach illness that I could think of but didn't anticipate having allergy issues. It's like what Todd told me in preparation for the trip, "You can't plan for everything."

That was a very interesting visit to the hospital. The staff did their job well, but weren't very personable. The doctor was very friendly and helpful however. While I was sitting waiting for my blood test results, I noticed a large spider on the wall across from me. It was about the size of my palm. It didn't really move at all so I just ignored it. No one else seemed too concerned about it either. The patient in the bed next to me went to the bathroom in a bed pan. Never experienced that one in the States before. I found it a little awkward.

My fever is down now, but it could be primarily to the tylenol. I hope it is gone for good, but won't know until the tylenol wears off. If it is indeed gone the plan is for me to meet up with my team in Shaktikor (spelling?) tomorrow. I will arrive after they have finished their child evangelism in the hills, but JB says that it is good that I not do trekking in the hills right away. I agree. This infection has really weakened me. I hope that I will be able to keep up with the others when I do meet back up with them.

It has been nice having JB's company while I have been sick. One of my reservations with staying back was having to be by myself. JB cancelled a meeting he was supposed to have in order to stay back with me and help nurse me back to health. He has been a wonderful blessing and kind friend throughout this ordeal. It is amazing how being sick away from home makes one all the more intensely homesick. The Lord has blessed me with being able to chat with my wife online while I have been sick. It has really helped to lift my spirit and has been an extra dose of medicine as well.

I look forward to rejoining the team and continue on with our child evangelism. I also look forward to preaching at the church in Kathmandu near the end of our journey. With my down time, I hope to work up a sermon that will leave our brethren here with confidence, boldness, and hope in the life to come.

Thank you to all who have prayed for me especially while I have been sick. Please continue to pray for me and the rest of the mission helpers that we might have good health and safe travels and that the Word we preach will take root and grow in the hearts of those who hear it.

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