Sunday, July 31, 2011

From Emily Hulke

The three weeks we were in Nepal went by too fast. I’m glad to be back in America and really excited to tell my family and friends all about Nepal. But at the same time, I miss all the people we met and worked with in Nepal. 

I will miss all the children we taught. The children were always so excited to learn, and I wish I could have told them more about God. I was always sad that we had to leave them so soon. I wish we could have stayed longer and spoken with them about more Bible stories, other than the ones we already taught them.  And I wish we could have travelled to more congregations and taught more children. My favorite part of every lesson was when they would sing us their songs. They were always the most excited and happy when they sang of God’s love for them.

I was sad to leave because there is still so much work to be done over there. On one of our last days in Kathmandu, we saw many Hindu and Buddhist temples and idols. After all the work we did teaching children about Jesus, we were forced to remember that Nepal is still less than 1% Christian. Seeing all those lost people praying to objects of stone made me sick. I just wanted to help them find the truth. There are so many people in Nepal who are going down the wrong path and who need pastors and teachers to spread God’s Word and show them the way. There is so much more work to be done in Nepal.

Although there is much work to be done in Nepal, God is there helping the pastors grow in His Word and spread His Word among the people of Nepal. I met so many amazing people over there who live to tell others about Jesus. These people hike to remote villages to spread God’s Word, are willing to be arrested for the Gospel, and are always eager to grow in their faith and knowledge of God’s Word. They willingly and joyfully endure so much hardship for God. I miss these amazing people whom I had the honor to work with over the past three weeks. I want to return someday and work with them and help them once again. But even if I never return and even if I never see them again on earth, I know that I will see them again in heaven.  Everyone I met there will always be in my prayers and in my heart.

I want to thank everyone for your prayers for us while we were on this trip. But I want you to continue to pray for the people of Nepal. Pray that the Lord strengthens the faith of the children that we taught, and that those children tell their friends and parents about Jesus. Pray that God continues to strengthen the pastors and congregations to grow in His Word. And pray that God continues to help and strengthen the brave people who work so hard to spread Christianity throughout the Hindu country of Nepal.

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