Friday, July 8, 2011

down in the valley...

there is so much color! everyone is beautiful and kind and full of life. it's like a completely different world. i find myself waking up early and sitting on the balcony and journaling with everyone else, a few moments of peace before the crazy traffic and harsh sounds of the world around begin to take their toll on our sanity. it's been quite a long time we've spent together, and i have yet to say i'm sick of any member on our team (good thing, too, considering it's been.. 4 days of travel together?).

we've had quite some experiences. yesterday we went to our first service here at Eternal Life Church. we walked in amidst loud singing and swaying. every aspect of their worship is so beautiful. the people have so much passion, and i can see it, even though i can't understand a lot of it. we tried singing along, but only with, "alleluia." they all turned around and smiled. as we took pictures of them, they took pictures of us. we were introduced, and the people were so gracious and excited to meet us. despite our lack of similar language, we make frequent use of the universal smile. it's amazing what you can read from a person's smile.

after the service and the amazing spicy food they served us, we toured the busy life of the tourist side of town, took a taxi cab back to the hotel. on our way, a little boy held a postcard of a hindu god in our window, reached his arm in and just stood there. we were at a red light so we had no choice but to sit and fester in our regretful uninvolvment. he wimpered. we looked at each other, and still had to turn him down. if we gave in now, what's stopping us every other time? however, the other passengers showed us up and played the compassionate card. sigh. they made me feel like a heartless class-A tourist.

last night we compiled puzzles. some 500. and it took a LONG TIME! too long, if you ask me. we talked about a lot, and i guess i'm glad we have such an obnoxious group. we are all equally obnoxious, so we get along pretty well. some may say too well, we may have been too loud. well, we were.

this morning as i was journalling, nischal came up to the balcony and talked with me. he's the 5-year-old boy who lives with his mom + dad here at the hotel. his name is pronounced "nit-chal" in case you were planning on retelling this story, you know some nepalese pronounciation :) we drew faces and flowers and wrote our names and took pictures.

so, not so much yet about the people or about the lesson, sorry.. but our trial lessons are today! i'm a little nervous, emily and i were up till 1 am last night writing postcards (you lucky loved ones, you!) and going through our lessons. it's going to be rough, learning how to use short sentences and small words. i hope to be able to memorize it, so it's not a big deal :) i ask for your prayers as we all attempt to spread the world with grace and accuracy.
GOD is GOOD to me, as i'm able to contact you! much love to all,
melanie :)

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