Friday, July 22, 2011

From Pastor Ohlmann

It's just after 10:00 pm on Thursday night here and we have safely returned to Kathmandu for the final time. Our remaining work and time will be spent here.

During the last three days we have traveled by bus, on foot, in a jeep, school van, on foot again, and finally by bus back to Kathmandu.

  • We walked several KMs through mud, mountain streams, and tumbling boulders as our bus could not make it through the landslides that destroyed the road we were to travel. 
  • We flagged down a jeep on the other side that took us to our destination...for a price.
  • We soaked in the Totopani (Hot Waters) near the China (Tibet)/Nepal border, famous throughout the world for their supposed healing powers.
  • We walked up to the heavily guarded border (a red line painted on the bridge) that separates Nepal from Tibet as we were told quite firmly that we were to take no pictures and then suddenly we were being escorted back to the Nepal side of no-man's land by a Chinese security agent who told Raju "please get these Americans away from our border." as other Chinese security agents took pictures of us and our rented vehicle as we got in and drove away. 
  • We crossed over (on foot again) the landslide area of the road again as we departed this very beautiful part of northern Nepal.
  • We  sat delayed for over an hour on the road just 23 KMs from our Kathmandu destination while they cleaned up an accident on the road.
  • We ate a glorious KFC meal in downtown Kathmandu.
  • We arrived back at our hostel ready for bed just a few minutes ago.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY -- we taught the Good News of Christ crucified and raised again from the dead for our forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life to more than 200 children at a school that is operated by a congregation whose pastor has been studying Scripture and doctrine with and is currently pursuing fellowship with the Himalayan Church of the Lutheran Confession of Nepal!
Tomorrow we rest. Saturday we attend,(Chad and I will preach) worship service at two HCLC-N congregations here in the Kathmandu valley. On Sunday Chad and I will attend and teach at the HCLC-N monthly pastoral meetings while the others do some sight-seeing. Monday we spend the day getting ready for our Tuesday flight home via London.

Thank you for your many prayers. The Lord has blessed us with safety and caused His Good News to be spread to many!

In Christ,
Pastor Ohlmann

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