Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Randy Wittorp - Late Night Kathmandu

MHT 2011 has been moving along quickly and quite smoothly. The majority of our child evangelism sessions having been completed, we've returned to Kathmandu for a day to gear up before heading north for our last few groups of children. The treks into the mountain villages have been physically taxing, but the nature of our work is more than motivation enough to continue the work we've begun here.

Pastor Todd commented at one point that he was pleasantly surprised to hear so little complaining and to instead see such a positive attitude among the helpers here, something that is especially astonishing given the physical toll our work has had, as well as the uncomfortably hot and humid weather we've experienced almost everywhere.

There is such an enthusiasm among both teams, an enthusiasm to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the children of the villages, as well as the adults we encounter, an excitement and passion that overcomes the physical discomforts. I've seen more than sixty children crowded into a single room mountain hut smaller than many bedrooms in America, all gathered to receive the Word of God. It is such a wonderful thing to see and experience, and it is so good to know that our God is able to work through us weak human beings to perform His Will.

One of the most incredible and heartening things we get to see and hear is the singing of these Nepali children, the ones who have had the opportunity to hear the gospel already. They break out into spontaneous song, some of which I've been able to record and will hopefully soon be able to share with any who would like to see and hear it.

To see the joy and faith of these children who live in such difficult living conditions, and to meet these mountain pastors is nothing short of astonishing. God truly is great! The joy He gives is something that surpasses anything we have in this life, and nowhere has this been evidenced to me more in the lives of fellow believers than among these people.

The opportunity to share the Gospel with the many, many children who have not heard is overwhelming. We teach children of Hindu parents, some who have never before heard the truths of Scripture. We ask for your prayers on behalf of these children, as well as for all of the church here in Nepal.

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