Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ready for rest and a request for prayer

Just checking in to let everyone know that we are all doing well and everyone seems to be healthy again. We have a internet for a little while tonight but everyone is quite exhausted and ready for bed so I will keep this short. We will be back in Kathmandu for a night in a couple of days so hopefully we will hear from of few of the other Mission Helpers.

A friend back home heard from my wife that we had taken an elephant ride and emailed to ask if I was sore...I thought my response would make a good summary of our past couple of days. Our teams split up as one team rode the bus to their destination and one team went by foot where there is nothing but narrow foot-trails leading to the tribal villages. You will be able to guess where my team went by the following...Not sore at all from the elephant ride, it was only an hour and half...but the past two days of trekking 3.5 hours straight up the side of a hill in an extremely hot and humid jungle with every article of clothing soaked in sweat to the point where I rung sweat out of my pant legs and sleeping on a bed of boards with no mattress while chickens and goats came in and out of the open door (the door had to remain open or we would suffocate we were told, an I believe them because it was extremely hot in our little cramped house) at 4:00 am followed by three bouts of diarrhea before teaching about 50 kids and then trekking back down in more sweltering heat to enjoy the wonderfully cool breeze while riding on top of a very full bus for 2 hours has me looking forward to a good night of sleep. The cold bucket bath I just took is the best I have had since the last time I took a cold bucket bath after a grueling couple of days in a developing country.

Tomorrow we ride the bus for a few hours and then hit the trail again for a 5 hour trek along, what we have been told, is a very easy trail. We will teach the next morning and then head back down. This will be our last trek...all the rest of our evangelism opportunities will be accessible by public bus.

As you continue to pray for us, our families, the message we proclaim, and those to whom we have gone...please include in your prayers a special petition on behalf of five year Reuben and his infant sister. These two little children were in the tribal village we visited yesterday and they were both very sick with a high fever. Their parents had carried them both down and back up the trail and then on the bus to visit doctor twice but no remedy has been able to bring their fever down. I have Rueben's sad and sick-weary little eyes and face imprinted on my heart and mind. Thank you for your prayers!

In Christ,
Pastor Ohlmann

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